I create songs to make a difference: Poojan Sahil

Poojan Sahil is a singer and a songwriter who regularly make parodies on several socio-political situations. His songs such as ‘love you Modi Ji’, ‘Bhajapaa tere raj me’ proved to be a great hit on Youtube. He has completed his graduation in engineering. He is currently teaching, as a hobby along with pursuing B.Ed. In a discussion with him, he revealed his opinions about issues related to protest music, dissent voices, politics, and his life stories and challenges.

Protest music has played a very significant role since long, whether during social reform movements or independence. “When something is said with a rhythm and a melody then it tends to stick in the minds of the listeners. So, through music things stays with you.” this is what Poojan believes in.

The idea of making parody struck his mind when the Nirav Modi scam was catching fire. At that time there was this very famous song of the movie Padman-, ‘Aj se teri sari khushiya meri hogyi’. So he wrote a parody on that and uploaded it on YouTube. Luckily his work gets appreciation by the viewers and later get covered by the quint and the Indian Express. Recently, ‘The Chowkidar song’ of his has attracted a number of viewers.

“Social media has become a space for people to raise voices and mobilize support”, said Poojan. He also believes that only through a collective protest we can grab the attention of the people sitting inside the parliament.

Talking about the challenges which he faces for his work, he talked about the fear which the people who do satire or ask questions has built upon the government and also how they are threatened through seditions and defamation charges. “It is also important for the people to understand that we are against the government and not the nation,” he said.  He gladly acknowledged the fact that his parents support him. Though, they sometimes get bothered by the abusive comments on social media. “When we go to protests, we have to deal with sticks and other weapons which they have. So I think this is a challenge that every one of us faces together,” he said.

Indeed, he deals with abusive comments on social media but after sharing a platform with Umar and Kanhaiya Kumar he started getting comments of being an ‘anti-national’ and comments such as  ‘go to Pakistan’.

As a response to a question, he admits that his ideology is still developing. “I see people around me. I have been learning and observing. For me, it’s about how people are feeling and what their needs are instead of being right, left or center.”Poojan said.

Talking about the impact of his work he said that people are becoming more aware of the issues. People are initiating dialogues about the issues. He wishes that his work could become a fraction for a huge change.

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